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The NMB SPLICE-SLEEVE® system is a proven method for connecting precast reinforced concrete structural members. 
This method uses a cylindrical shaped steel sleeve filled with a Portland cement based non-shrink high-early strength grout.
Reinforcing bars to be spliced are inserted into the sleeve to meet approximately at the center of the sleeve.
The interior of the sleeve is then filled with SS MORTAR® grout.


Super UX Sleeve
(Precast Construction)

The Super UX sleeve is approved for Class SA connection in Japan which exceeds Type 2 in the U.S and conforms to ISO 15835 under S1 Category.

The Super UX sleeve is available for rebar sizes of D16 to D41.

(Precast Construction)

The NX II is categorized under Class A connection in Japan which is equivalent to Type 2 in the U.S and conforms to ISO 15835 under S1 Category.

The NX II is available for rebar sizes of D16 to D22.

(Cast-in-place construction)

The Slim sleeve was developed for cast in place applications. It can be used to connect cages, precast beam to beam or column to beam for horizontal/ vertical sliding connections.

The Slim sleeve is available for rebar sizes of D16 to D51.


The SS Mortar® grout is a non-shrink, high-early-strength cement grout developed for use with the NMB Splice Sleeve System. 


SS Mortar® is certified by ICC-ES which achieves the requirements for use in the sleeves under ICC-ESR 3141. The NMB Splice-Sleeve System® utilizes two basic grouting methods namely, the Post-Grout method and the Pre-Grout method.


Specially engineered to be highly flowable, this grout can fill the chamber of the sleeve thoroughly. It comes pre-mixed with selected blended materials for easy site management.



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